Natural Seagrass and Cotton Rope Basket


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A Modern Take on the Classic Belly Basket Style

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Designed with both style and function in mind, this handcrafted seagrass and cotton rope belly basket brings a natural feel to your home.  A step above the rest, this basket will not arrive flattened and creased, and will stand on its own.  Its unique shape and use of complimentary materials add to any style, from modern, to farmhouse, industrial, boho, hygge, rustic, or classic.  Both decorative and durable, this basket adds a pop of color and texture to any space.

  • Stylish & Functional:  This basket will add the pop of color and texture your décor has been missing!  Whether used as a plant pot cover to hide those ugly plastic pots or a small hamper in a nursery or kids’ room, this basket will add a natural feel to your home.  There are endless creative storage options as well: dog toys, hats & mittens, bathroom organization (rolled towels, toilet paper), even a cat bed, just to name a few.  A simple but classy storage solution or gift set idea.
  • Robust & Will Hold its Shape:  Are you tired of baskets that arrive flattened and creased and require endless massaging to stand straight?  Our basket will ship folded in on itself like a bowl (as pictured) and will not be crushed flat or creased.  Once unfolded, it will stand proudly on its own.
  • Quality Materials & Design:  Our sustainably harvested seagrass, or Water Hyacinth, is first braided into rope, then coiled and sewn together, resulting in the strong but flexible material used in the base of this basket.  The top is made of soft cotton rope dyed with a rich blue color pattern.  Sturdy integrated handles and stylish stitching complete the look.  Overall, a modern take on the classic belly basket style.
  • Versatile:
    – planter basket
    – nursery (hamper, toys, diapers & wipes, towels)
    – decorative storage (dog toys, bathroom organization, hats and mittens)
    – home accent
    – create the ultimate baby shower gift basket by filling it with baby essentials!
    – cat bed
    – housewarming gift
  • Dimensions:    (Handmade, please allow for small amounts of variation)
    • Base and Top Diameter = 11 in
    • Max (middle) Diameter = 15.7 in
    • Height = 10 in


Plan to use as a Plant Pot Cover?

  • Our Recommended Maximum Pot Size = 10″ Diameter with Height of 9″
    (Taller pots will fit as well, but may stick out at the top. These handmade baskets are all slightly unique, and we usually see the most variation in the height dimension.)
  • Smaller pots work great, and if needed, can be raised up.


Our Design:

What sets our basket apart is its unique combination of materials, shape, and construction. While taking inspiration from traditional seagrass belly basket styling, we modernized the basket shape and upgraded the materials to a thicker and more robust seagrass construction. Our seagrass, or water hyacinth, is natural brown in color and is braided into rope. The rope is then coiled and sewn into its intended shape, transitioning to soft cotton rope on top. Dense patches of accent threading are added to reinforce the handles as well as placed randomly throughout for additional character.